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Well, I just thanked my school’s one week birthday bash. Yeah. Right!!!

And I’ll gonna sleep all day long. Yohooo!!!!

Watch my Ansel Elgort and stalk his Twitter. Teeeheeee. :D

BUT, Wait? Accounting? O.o

Agai. Sakit sa buot men!

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We Do Stupid Mistakes in Relationships

We are not perfect and aiming for perfection is just a daydream and must be ended up if you just let yourself to become wide awake from the truth, from the harsh realities.

We have flaws, we have mistakes, we do stupid things because of our stupidity. And that, we tend to hurt people without realizing we end up hurting ourselves.

Yeah, like you, I commit a stupid mistake; a very stupid mistake. That, I hurt the person I loved the most. Way back then, we thought hiding from the truth would help to ease our suffering as well as the suffering of others But, in turn, we are adding the loads of our burdens. 

So, what’s the price? Regrets. That is the price of being so stupid. Being so dumb not telling what’s happening and what’s your feeling about that. Such being a bad ass right?

And since, we hurt these people. All just we wanna do is to say SORRY. I DIDN’T MEANT TO. Apologize to these people. Well, they may be forgive but one thing we should remember, is that, they cannot forget. And the hardest part, we broke their trust on us in which trust is very important in every relationship.

They are badly hurt actually, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t love you again. Yet, sometimes, a sign of love means of letting someone go if they cannot bear the pain anymore. However, still, you as their significant others, do not close your door in accepting them whenever they return, it is because sometimes, LOVE IS SWEETER ON ITS SECOND TIME AROUND.

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Your True Friend At All is YOU = YOURSELF

There are times that we want to breakthrough our feelings like those times we are so mad, we are so angry, we are so lonely, we are so happy or even we are on our happiest moments of our lives. 

Yeah, right sometimes, we need those people who understand us much better than the others. Like for example, there are those instances that your friends understands you much better than your parents. And you acted so fine every time your Mom and Dad acts about what’s happening to you, although, you know, that, you are not at all. Sometimes, we even tend to sound rebellious if they keep on asking you on what’s going on with you. Saying’ I’M OKAY although you are not at all. Then, you just call your friends or your special someone on what’s going on with you. Although, these people sometimes are annoyed deep inside, in hearing about discussions on how the world is treating so unfair, how life is so cruel on your part. Then , the scenario would either your friend cracks a joke to feel you better or tell you about what’s going on with you based on their case study about you or stay silent (shutting up their mouth because if they confront or say the truth, you might violently react about it)

But right now, I’ll gonna ask you, do they really understand you? Are these friends of yours who were so real that you readily share your whole weakness?

I am not saying that they are not worthy friends, that they are fake or whatsoever. But sometimes, we have to be aware of sharing our weakness to others. It is because there’ll gonna some people out there to use your weakness to defeat you. Sometimes,  you just have to count on yourself. Try to understand yourself why you are feeling that way. And that, you might find the answer and do the corrective measures you need to take based on your sound judgment. 

Or, in case you really need someone to help you because you can’t do it for yourself like you are having a nervous breakdown because you can’t think anymore, make sure that the person whom you asked for help would really help you. That the person you are relying on your temporary strength must also, share that kind of feeling whenever they’ll gonna have it worse than your case someday. It is because, it would hurt you a lot if you know, that you are just having a one sided love in your friendship or relationship. And it would case another mental breakdown instead.

So choose wisely and also be ready to face the harsh truth in life. :D 

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There’s No Place Like Home

I just wanna go home. No matter how much I was annoyed by my brother, by the moment I am home, I’ll him tighter.
No matter how much I hate my mom for some time, I’ll hug her too so tight. And no matter how my father would scold me or how much I am also annoyed by him, I’ll hug him too. Home is not just made from woods and roof; it also consists of the people who’ll be there too, whether in sunshine or in rain :)))