Keeping It Simple, Keeping It Real :)

This is My Real World. I'm Just A Real Girl.
And This Is Where I Am Always Real. :)

We are not perfect and aiming for perfection is just a daydream.

We have flaws, we have mistakes, we do shit things,

we hurt people and end up of hurting ourselves.

I know it was a stupid mistake; a very stupid mistake :’(

I know it was my fault; and I should pay the price.

The price of being so stupid, being so dumb, being so stupid, bad ass.

I am so stupid. Damn stupid. Damn pathetic.

Begging to this someone to love me again, until one day, myself would beg love in return :’(
Please forgive me, I really love you so much.

But, if you would just keep on staying by my side,

bearing the pain you hide,

I know it hurts, but the door is always open.

I ask you too stay but if you can’t take it anymore,

Just go away nalang :’( if you are not that really happy anymore :’(

Fakeness Friendship

Sometimes, you have keep what you are really feeling right now, the pain you are suffering.

No matter how loud you shout all the anger, the guilt, the madness, the heartaches, no one is listening.

Friends? I do not want to share strong attachment to friendship. I am contented to befriend myself.

Even your parents do not see what you really need. Indeed, deep inside yourself, you are the one who really knows what you need. That is why I don’t want to create a strong relationship among the peers I have just met because in the end, we are still crossing another crossroads; we go into another path; we do not share a lifetime direction. For what reason are you sticking with those so called friends; for what

What are the reasons why we stick in this kind of friendship? Well, frankly to say, do not be a dreamer, they just exist so that they could either brag at you or brag at them, tell something to them or they would tell something about you. In this life, it is difficult to trust—-no wonder I am having a trust issues because in this world, no matter how it cease to exist, fake people are around. You can lie to people but you cannot lie to yourself.

Headache Banging

And I am stressed out again O.o

F*ck you, Paper works.

I don’t know whats with the research thingy right now.

But all i wanna say is that, i should have do this by my own :(
I really hate to be in the group especially when your partner is lazy, lazy as the cat. You know, and very annoying. And I ended up, partnering with this girl whom i dedicated my last blog. Fuck off this life. Huhuhu.

I don’t care whether i am stressed out this much as long as the credit will be given to me but if i am stressed out additionally with this useless person, fuck off… . Ok. My Head Is Aching. Tsk2

Faking Myself All Over Again

I have encountered a lot seasons in friendship; there is autumn, winter, spring and summer. Yet, I do always feel the autumn and worse, winter. I have been experiencing trust issue in friendship because I have learned that not all the people around you is true, and the worse, you even lie to yourself. Like for example, deep inside, you already know you hate that person but still you ended up zipping your mouth and pretending you are that good when you aren’t at all. Just like in the school today or maybe I have just spent my first year days as boring or should I say, nothing is new; everything’s just so odd at all. I didn’t realize that this friend of mine whom used to be my friend? Or should I say, I was her friend the way she perceives at me would really be a pain in the neck.

Imagine your life, being with someone whom you don’t really like, whom you really hate that you want to peel off his or her skin because of the trait you cannot tolerate. I cannot say that she did something bad or should I say, she did those things at all ( come on, people, even your friends out there could talk out your flaws). I JUST REALLY HATE HER FOR WHO SHE IS. How could you not hate her that with all the brags and boastfulness is routinely played every day? The way she speaks about her new jeans, new gadgets, boys, with all her ‘hamburgenism’, isn’t that annoying? Much more worst is that she even called me “a son of a bitch”. F*ck it! I really want to slap her face and everything to show my ravaged anger at her. I could not tolerate that. She’s the girl whom I really hate at all. And I ended up hating myself too because I could not even stay true to myself, that, I know the fact that, I really hate her that much, to the point that it starts to bubble out my boiling point, but I ended up treating her nice, and being fake. I am being Fake not only to her but also to myself. Oh, God. I really hate to be on this thing but maybe I do barely understand that sometimes, what goes around comes back around. Maybe I was hated also by somebody else whom I thought as BFF. But, whatever, life goes on, shits are always happening … I hope so, I could get rid this feeling, that I REALLY HATE HER, I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER ANYMORE. THAT I COULD BARELY BREATHE WITHOUT HER. Tsk2. Such unfortunate, or am I just act like one. Lord, come’on. Do guide me. I know that I am really this bad at all.

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One of the things I hate in life is when someone is imitating me or similar to that. It really sucks. And i hate it when I am pretending to fine when in fact, i don’t really like to see people like them. I prefer to alone instead than being with them or with my high school friends or be with those who are real friends and easygoing. And to those people who were like a doppelganger, I don’t really get it why they are acting in this way. I mean. There’s nothing wrong when you are influenced with them. My point is that don’t make it too much that it could cover up the real you. But whatever. I am disgusted by the way

There’s No Place Like Home

I just wanna go home. No matter how much I was annoyed by my brother, by the moment I am home, I’ll him tighter.
No matter how much I hate my mom for some time, I’ll hug her too so tight. And no matter how my father would scold me or how much I am also annoyed by him, I’ll hug him too. Home is not just made from woods and roof; it also consists of the people who’ll be there too, whether in sunshine or in rain :)))